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Last day to preorder at a discount!

Don’t forget, today is the *last day* to preorder all the basic black fabrics and these new supplex colors! Most of these will be stocked throughout the year but they are discounted only during the preorder. Light ABP, solid black Heavy ABP, solid blackStretch Velvet, solid black“Old” Heavy supplex, solid blackDrive textured athletic knit, solid […]

Round 35 (Nature) limited retail stocking tonight!

Just a few yards of ABP and YSS from the nature round will be available on the website tonight (October 18th) at 8:00pm EDT! Don’t miss it! Stocking List: Athletic Brushed Poly (ABP)1y Colorful Crystals on ABP2y Dancing Fireflies on ABP5y Lava Flow on ABP4y Lightning Sky on ABP1y Summer Citrus on ABP Yoga/Swim Spandex […]